Cigar Selfie

I’m writing this in the Baltimore-Washington airport as I await my flight back to Minneapolis. This week I begin the new school year and continue my work on the two games I’m designing, WTF Station, and WTF Scavenger.

Those of you who have visited this site before may notice a striking absence in prior content and a different theme. Well, that’s because my previous hosting service completely borked my WordPress database so that it wouldn’t see any pictures or videos I uploaded. The files were on the server, but no matter what I did, or what WordPress/JetPack support tried to do, we just couldn’t get it to work, and my hosting service support was less than worthless.

So I dumped the old host (which was doing a shit job of keeping up with current tools anyway) and did a bit of digging around. Found InMotion, they had a nice deal that was WAY cheaper than the old host, and got to setting things up. Unfortunately, because the original database was hosed, even a transfer to the new host didn’t fix the problem, so I ended up having to start from scratch.

So here we are. I’m hoping the social media cross-posting works ok, and I’ll be setting subscriptions back up for those who prefer to get notified of new posts, or who don’t do social media. Hope to see you all here, and please drop me a comment if you like or hate what I post. If you’re indifferent, you’re not gonna care enough to reply anyway, right?

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