Getting healthy…

Somehow, the only way I can imagine getting my shit together is to make this public so I can be held accountable. After my recent physical, my labs weren’t as good as they used to be, and my BP isn’t ideal either. Of course, the solution isn’t more chemistry, but to take off this considerable bulk. Problem is, I have terrible will power, I hate exercising, and my joints hurt. All of these are interconnected – each one depends on the other, so where to start?

Since I hate exercising and always have, due to meathead gym instructors refusing to acknowledge how asthma affected my ability to run or do anything strenuous, I’m completely gun-shy of anything high-impact or likely to make me short-of-breath. But I love walking, and I lost quite a bit of weight in England due to all the walking I did. So… let’s start there. Moar walking. Not strenuous, easy to do, and I can listen to podcasts without distraction.

My physical medicine doc told me every 10 pounds on the body is 40 pounds on the joints. So I need to do something about my food intake. The less I weigh, the better my joints will feel, and the more willing I may be to take on more exercise. So… not going back to full keto, BUT the big thing is portion control and snacking. And that’s where the weak will-power resides. So I need to practice something my son Rey was taught – mindful eating. With each bite, be deliberate and focused. This slows you down, which allows time for your hunger hormones to catch up and register with your brain that, “hey, I think I’ve had enough.” Then it’s a matter of staying away from sources of food – more walking, perhaps? Or taking my work outside. Then learning to think differently about food.

So that’s where I start – controlling food intake, portion control, and doing my 10k steps. Over time hopefully that will drop the weight enough (even 10lbs. is a big start as far as my joints are concerned. Then I can take on a little more.

Also, I’m starting to do DDPY. Anyone out there tried this? Jacob is putting me on it. Looks pretty cool!

It’s scary but it’s not a nightmare

CBS All Access and NBC’s streaming services are non-starters. The fragmentation of streaming will lead people back to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon – these are the ones who got in early, and they’re the ones my kids will gravitate towards. They don’t give a shit about the dinosaur networks, and nor should they.

I’m calling bullshit. Come @ me, bros!



Yeah, you heard me. It’s not “social” media anymore so much as it’s “anti-social” media. I used to joke about making an antisocial media service, but reality zoomed right past me and said, “Fuck that, already there!”

Having said that, there are good aspects. It lets me keep in touch with the people I like and love, and it’s connected me with other creative and inspirational folks in a way that would have been impossible 20 years ago. The problem is there’s so much other shit that gets in the way, and sometimes even the folks you like and love fill your timeline and feed with stuff that you’re just not into. Too much noise, not enough signal.

So I decided to slowly wean myself off of Facebook. It hasn’t been easy, and I still find myself checking it from time to time. Facebook is a shite company (as the UK folks might say), with dubious monopolistic practices and intentions. They practically own everything, from Instagram to WhatsApp to Oculus (and quite a few lesser-known acquisitions) and that just doesn’t sit well with me. I remain on Twitter because that’s a more tightly constrained feed of mostly creative people and there’s way more signal than noise there. Plus I wouldn’t be a game developer without Twitter, so there’s that.

What that means is I need to find another way of putting my own signal out there, as well as encouraging everyone else to do the same, to take away Facebook’s power and influence. So I’m reviving my blog. I actually have two – this one and my sabbatical blog, but the latter is being migrated and may take some time to fix. But the same stuff I’d say or link to on Facebook will now be posted on this blog, and simultaneously cross-posted to my Twitter feed (@mediajolt001). I’ve added the ability to subscribe to this blog (look at the widget to the right), so you’ll get emailed notifications when I’ve added new posts or pages, and you’ll have the ability to comment and offer feedback (if you’re so inclined) – just like Facebook. And I’ll probably talk about some ways for you to do the same in relatively painless, free, and moderately-tech ways.

So I’m still the same old angry cuss you know and love, but now I’m doing it my way, on my terms. Welcome to you all!

Voxel VR

@gabriel_d_L did some interesting work in Magica Voxel of movie scenes that got me thinking about doing something similar, but with TV shows. But I also want to explore how these might work in VR. A good way to start some skill building anyway. I think less and less about photorealism and more and more about an interpretative, illustrative approach to my work. After all, I started out as an illustrator. Makes sense that would still permeate my thinking.

Below is an example of his work; this one is a scene from “Gremlins.”