Goodbye Facebook, hello peace-of-mind

Our irises are in full bloom. This is WAY better than social media.

I’ve had it with Mark Zuckerberg and his feckless, cowardly behavior towards Trump. Compared with Jack Dorsey and Twitter, who have begun pushing back against the Cheeto Gibbon, Zuckerberg is trying desperately to straddle the line and doing a shit job of it. I can’t participate in that anymore. Plus, Zuckerberg has made himself bulletproof against his board, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He’s made a lot of bad calls, and with the board powerless to rein him in, he can continue to mess with our content, our privacy, and cause more carnage.

I’ll admit, it hurts to delete my Facebook account, but I’ve been slowly weaning myself off of it. It might mean I miss out on some events and things with family and friends, but before I pulled the plug, I let them know they can still follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blog, but those who didn’t keep up with that will hopefully find their way to me through another route.

Hopefully something more positive as a platform will emerge, but until then, I’m secure in the knowledge that I made a good call. Plenty of my friends aren’t on Facebook and they’re doing just fine.

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely iris. May it bring peace to your hearts as it has to ours.

Hurr Durr…

If you’re DUMB ENOUGH to believe this orange dickpickle, and not use common sense or even basic due diligence, by all means, please, PLEASE inject yourself with Lysol, Clorox, or hell, even Dran-O. The fewer Trumper idiots running around polluting the gene pool and American culture, the lower the Republican voter base. I’m all in favor of that.

If only…

Carolina reapers: photo by Gertrude K. (source: Flickr)

For the better part of my life, I have been steadily conditioning myself to hotter and hotter peppers, making them pretty much a staple of my diet in some form or another. I’m even growing a Carolina Reaper plant (like the one above) because I love hot peppers so much. If only it could be proven that ingesting these culinary miracles of nature would kill the coronavirus… One could hope, right? Right?

No. Just go away. Fuck off.

We… don’t… need… these… clueless… billionaires… and… their… toxic… hubris!! Fuck off, Bloomberg. Fuck off, Steyer. You want to help? Dump your cash into education, health care, buying off senators and paying them to switch to support a better public policy. But Jesus-fucking-Christ, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM PUBLIC OFFICE!!

Using Technology to Close the Autism Job Gap – The New York Times

Adults on the autism spectrum often have difficulty finding employment. Entrepreneurs and advocates are working to fix that by pairing companies with a pool of candidates.
— Read on

This is a heartening story, but there are still some gaps with these services. For one, what if you don’t live in the city where these companies are based, or are unable to relocate? And what if you’re not in IT? Rey is a writer – he has no interest in IT as a field. Or what if you’re in the graphic arts? There’s still a long way to go, but at least ground has been broken.